Quality, not quantity

By offering tailored services, CLIKKTECH can assist clients in meeting their technology staffing needs, optimizing their IT environments, and achieving their business objectives effectively and efficiently.

Technical Staffing Solutions:

- Providing skilled technology professionals for short-term projects, long-term contracts, or permanent positions.

- Matching candidates with the specific coding languages, frameworks, and technologies required by clients.

2. ERP Functional Consulting:

- Offering experienced consultants proficient in various ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

- Providing expertise in modules such as finance, human resources, supply chain management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

3. Software Development Services:

- Offering teams of developers proficient in coding languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, and more.

- Developing custom software solutions tailored to clients' unique business needs and requirements.

4. ERP Implementation and Support:

- Assisting clients in the implementation, configuration, and customization of ERP systems.

- Providing ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure smooth operation and optimization of ERP environments.

5. Database Administration (DBA):

- Offering database administrators proficient in managing and optimizing databases for performance, security, and scalability.

- Supporting various database platforms such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

6. Quality Assurance and Testing:

- Providing quality assurance professionals and testing specialists to ensure the reliability, functionality, and usability of software applications.

- Conducting manual and automated testing across different platforms and environments.

7. Project Management Services:

- Offering experienced project managers to oversee technology projects from initiation to completion.

- Providing leadership, coordination, and communication to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and according to specifications.

8. IT Infrastructure Support:

- Offering IT infrastructure specialists to manage and support clients' hardware, networks, servers, and cloud environments.

- Providing troubleshooting, maintenance, and optimization services to ensure reliable and secure IT infrastructure.

9. Training and Skill Development:

- Offering training programs and workshops to enhance the skills and capabilities of clients' internal IT teams.

- Providing customized training modules focused on specific technologies, methodologies, and best practices.

10. Consulting and Advisory Services:

- Providing strategic guidance, industry insights, and technology roadmaps to help clients make informed decisions and stay competitive in their respective markets.

- Offering advisory services on digital transformation, technology adoption, and IT governance.